Commonwealth Crier Newsletter and VGCSA Member Directory
Stay in touch with your fellow superintendents with the quarterly publication, Commonwealth Crier. Get local association news and timely educational articles from across the state. The VGCSA Member Directory gives complete contact information on all members and industry partners.
Education and Survey
The VGCSA local associations offer educational seminars every year. Topics range from technical turfgrass subjects to professional development. VGCSA educational programs earn professional certification credits (PDI). The VGCSA also conducts a biannual survey of turf practices and compensation/benefits.
Networking Opportunities
VGCSA and local association meetings and events provide a great opportunity to meet informally with your professional peers and gather important information. Members share information, solve problems and learn more about the local golf course industry. The value of your dues could easily be realized by networking to identify an inexpensive solution to a problem you are having at your golf course.
GCSAA Activities
GCSAA update information is provided to the VGCSA membership through Commonwealth Crier and on our website. Information about GCSAA’s conference and show, and other activities are also highlighted. VGCSA jointly sponsors a social event at the national conference with MAAGCS & ESAGCS, free to members.
Golf Events
The VGCSA and its local associations host golf tournaments that bring members throughout the state together. The Joe Saylor tournament and the Match Play tournament are popular events. VGCSA also conducts the VGCSA Championships and the Virlina Cup match with the Carolinas GCSA.
VGCSA Website ( and Electronic Communication
The VGCSA website is the source for member information. The website has a searchable online member directory, meeting and event schedules for both VGCSA and local associations, industry news, employment opportunities, equipment for sale, plus industry links and electronic notification of key events. Online payments are also available. VGCSA is also active on social media.
Annual Conference
The VGCSA conducts a Fall Conference featuring outstanding national and regional speakers. The event provides excellent networking opportunities, including a special social event.
Government Relations & BMP
The VGCSA employs a lobbyist and works with other allied associations to ensure that our voices are heard on issues and participates in National Golf Day. VGCSA is a member of the Virginia Agribusiness Council. The VGCSA developed a “Best Management Practices” manual and assisted state agencies in ensuring each course has as Nutrient Management Plan. The VGCSA also jointly conducts an annual fundraiser to support turf research at Virginia Tech.
VGCSA Annual Meeting & Awards
All VGCSA members are invited to the annual meeting of the association, which includes the annual awards – Environmental Stewardship, Distinguished Service, President’s Award for Lifetime Service and the VGCSA Scholarship. The event provides a great opportunity to network with the association leadership.
VGCSA Partner Program
VGCSA members enjoy great relationships with industry partners who support the organization through the VGCSA Partner Program. With over 80 partners, VGCSA members receive exceptional service and pricing from companies that show their support of your profession every year.
Local Association Membership
When you pay dues to the VGCSA you are also paying dues to the local association of your choice (Old Dominion GCSA, Greater Washington GCSA, Tidewater Turfgrass Association, Virginia Turfgrass Association and Shenandoah Valley Turfgrass Association). These dues help fund activities at the local level. You have the option of membership in multiple local associations.
Assistants Forum
VGCSA stages a special education and networking event for assistant superintendents and crew members. The event includes an outstanding speaker and a panel discussion led by the top superintendents in the region. The event includes a golf event and reception. The cost of the event is subsidized by sponsors and the local associations.
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Member Classes

  • Class A -- Golf Course Superintendent - To qualify for Class A Membership, an applicant shall have, at the time of application for membership, at least three (3) years' experience as a golf course superintendent, be employed in such capacity and comply with all additional qualifications adopted by the membership. 
  • Class B -- Golf Course Superintendent (3 years or less) - To qualify for Superintendent Member Membership, an applicant shall, at the time of application, be employed as a golf course superintendent and does not meet the additional qualifications for Class A Membership.
  • Class C -- Assistant Golf Course Superintendent - To qualify for Class C Membership, an applicant shall be, at the time of application for membership, an assistant to a golf course superintendent, and shall be presently employed in such capacity.
  • Honorary/Educator - To qualify, an applicant must be an educator, extension officer, or honorary (e.g., life member).
  • Student - To qualify for Student Membership, an applicant must be a full-time turfgrass student enrolled in a formal course of education, or have completed his or her formal education less than one (1) year prior to the date of application and not be employed at a golf course.  Student membership is complimentary.
  • Associate - To qualify for Associate Membership, an applicant must be an individual, business or governmental body interested in golf course management and/or in the growing or production of fine turfgrass, either individually or through employment by, or other affiliation with, a company, proprietorship or association, and who does not qualify for membership in another class.