2022 Committee Assignments

Assistant Superintendent (Beasley*) – act on the best interests of assistants, particularly in the areas of education and career development; coordinate Assistants Forum

Awards (Walter*) – supervise the selection process for VGCSA awards and scholarships at the annual meeting

Best Management Practices (Doran*) – monitor changes and coordinate updates to the BMP Program

Bylaws (Kearns*) – consider possible changes to Bylaws

Certification (Whitmire*) – provide attesters for members seeking Certification

Communications (Mueller*) – act as editor for the Newsletter and Directory; set publishing dates; coordinate public relations efforts including press releases

Community Service (Roberts*) – Support First Tee facilities; promote Toys for Tots charity; develop other community service projects including First Green

Conference (Whitmire*, Jones, Drayton) – plan education and logistics of the conference

GCSAA (Whitmire*, Drayton) – Disseminate GCSAA information to VGCSA members; act as a voting delegate

Golf (Drayton*, Whitmire) – Plan and promote Joe Saylor Memorial, VGCSA Championship, Virlina Cup (including regional qualifying)

Government Relations (Holliday*, Whitmire, Wilmans, McDonough, C Robinson, Graham, Wade) – Legislative issues watchdog and action

Long Range Planning (Whitmire*, Keene, Norman) – VGCSA strategic plan

Membership (Mueller*, Doran, Walter, Roberts, Kearns, Ferrell, Beasley) – Identify areas of low membership; work to grow members; focus on recruitment of assistants

Mid-Atlantic Golf Council (Whitmire*, Keene) – Liaison to all MAGC allied associations and work on issues of joint interest to the Mid-Atlantic’s golf industry

Nominating (Kearns*) – nominate Officers and at-large Board positions in tandem with Annual Meeting

Partner Program (Jones*) – promote sponsorship sales and create value for partners

Survey (Jones*) – coordinate the biannual survey; publish results

Turfgrass (Keene*, Whitmire, Kearns) – coordinate with Va. Tech researchers on their needs; monitor progress and obtain results for publishing in VGCSA media; representation on VT Research Tournament Committee; promote Rounds4Research; recruit Turfgrass students; invite VT representatives to board meetings

Web Site & Social Media (Beasley*) – Review, monitor and suggest upgrades for the website, electronic communications, and social media

*indicates committee chair
VGCSA encourages members to volunteer their service on a committee.