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Carolinas Claims Virlina Cup on Home Turf

2nd Annual Virlina Cup
Chechessee Creek Club, Okatie, SC
Secession Golf Club, Beaufort, SC
Presented by
Day One, Monday, October 10, 2011 – Chechessee Creek Club

Four-Ball Matches

O’Neil Crouch / Billy Lewis (CGCSA) tied Andrew McCormick / Chester Guzek (VGCSA)
Steve Agazzi/ Matt Davis (CGCSA) df Jeff Snyder / Jeff Whitmire (VGCSA) 4&3
Matt Boyce / Matt Sobotka (VGCSA) df Mark Miller / Will Pennell (CGCSA) 1 up
Troy Thrall/ Jim Knaffle (CGCSA) df Mark Vaughn / Dick Fisher (VGCSA) 4&3
CGCSA leads 2.5 to 1.5 after Four-Ball Matches.
Foursomes Matches
Dick Fisher / Mark Vaughn (VGCSA) df Mark Miller / Matt Davis (CGCSA) 6&5
Chester Guzek / Andrew McCormick (VGCSA) df Billy Lewis / Jim Knaffle (CGCSA) 1 up
Troy Thrall / Steve Agazzi (CGCSA) df Jeff Snyder / Jeff Whitmire (VGCSA) 3&1
Will Pennell / O’Neil Crouch (CGCSA) df Matt Boyce / Matt Sobotka (VGCSA) 2&1
Foursome Matches Tied 2-2
CGCSA Leads 4.5 to 3.5
(CGCSA needs 8 points to win the Cup; VGCSA needs 8.5 points to keep the Cup)
Day Two, Tuesday, October 11, 2011 – Secession Golf Club
Singles Matches
Matt Sobotka (VGCSA) df Will Pennell (CGCSA) 3&2
Jeff Snyder (VGCSA) df Mark Miller (CGCSA) 3&2
Matt Davis (CGCSA) df Mark Vaughn (VGCSA) 4&3
Jim Knaffle (CGCSA) df Dick Fisher (VGCSA) 6&5
O’Neil Crouch (CGCSA) df Andrew McCormick (VGCSA) 4&3
Troy Thrall (CGCSA) df Matt Boyce (VGCSA) 7&6
Billy Lewis (CGCSA) df Chester Guzek (VGCSA) 2&1
Jeff Whitmire (VGCSA) df Steve Agazzi (CGCSA) 3&2
Carolinas GCSA wins Singles Matches 5 to 3

Carolinas GCSA wins Virlina Cup 9.5 to 6.5


Carolinas GCSA players and their courses:

Steve Agazzi – Turtle Point Golf Course, Kiawah, SC; O’Neil Crouch – Old Town Club, Winston-Salem, NC; Matt Davis – Boscobel Golf Club, Pendleton, SC; Jim Knaffle, CGCS –International Club of Myrtle Beach, Myrtle Beach, SC; Billy Lewis – Dormie Club, West End, NC; Mark Miller – Methodist University Golf Club, Fayetteville, NC; Will Pennell – Brushy Mountain Golf Club, Taylorsville, NC; Troy Thrall –Charwood Golf Club, West Columbia, SC; Tim Kreger, non-playing captain – Carolinas GCSA, Liberty, SC.

Virginia GCSA:

Matt Boyce - Princess Anne Country Club, Virginia Beach, VA; Dick Fisher - Lake Chesdin Golf Club, Chesterfield, VA; Chester Guzek - Meadows Farms Golf Course, Locust Grove, VA; Andrew McCormick - Hanover Country Club, Ashland, VA; Jeff Snyder - The Water’s Edge, Penhook, VA; Matt Sobotka - Spring Creek Golf Club, Gordonsville, VA; Eric Spurlock, captain – Hermitage Country Club, Richmond, VA; Mark Vaughan - Goodyear Golf Club, Danville, VA; Jeff Whitmire - The Williamsburg Club, Williamsburg, VA.


Contact: Tim Kreger, Carolinas GCSA executive director (800) 476-4272
David Norman, Virginia GCSA executive director (804) 747-4971



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