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Nutrient Mgt Legislation Threatens Our Industry - ACT NOW!!

Nutrient Management Legislation
We need your help!

The Virginia Agribusiness Council has informed us that legislation is currently on the floor in the general assembly concerning Nutrient Management. We are in favor of this bill and need local action, a phone call or an e-mail in support, to you local delegate or state senator. Action needs to be taken as soon as possible. Here are the specifics provided by VAC:

1 - Click here for the final Issue Paper.

2 - Click here to read the House bill 1831.
     Click here to read the Senate bill 922.

3 - The legislation was presented to the Commission on Energy & Environment recently and was endorsed "in concept." A Commission member felt that it didn't go far enough and that a "ban" on phosphorus is needed. A representative of local government stated they had major concerns with the pre-emption of their authority to regulate the use and application of fertilizer. Generally, the members felt like it was a move in the right direction, but maybe not far enough. The challenge will be to convince them it is sufficient at this time.

4 - We have seen several other proposed bills, and still fully support HB 1831 and SB 922.

5 - Our General Assembly convened last week and is scheduled to conclude by February 26. The bill is expected to be heard by the Agriculture Committees (Mondays in the Senate and Wednesdays in the House). Please start making contacts with General Assembly members immediately to promote the bill. When you do, it is important to let us know so our interactions with them are most effective (please email Peter McDonough,  

6 - Click here for a list of the General Assembly members with their General Assembly office and their email address.

Here is a sample email which you might use when contacting your legislators:

Dear Delegate/Senator --,

My name is --- and I'm the Golf Course Superintendent at <club name>. I am forwarding you a link to bills sponsored by Delegate Ed Scott (HB 1831) and Senator Ryan McDougle (SB 922) on nutrient management legislation that the golf course and turfgrass industry fully support. With Virginia's WIP approved by the EPA, the critical phase two part of the WIP begins, and several steps need to be taken by all sectors of business to do their part in the Bay restoration effort. Addressing these critical needs is at the forefront of the golf industry's priorities and this legislation needs the support of the General Assembly. We feel this bill outlines our commitment in all areas to address TMDL requirements and would ask for your support when it is introduced. Please feel free to contact me to discuss any aspect of this legislation or the related subject matter.


Your Name
Golf Course Superintendent
Club Name
City, State Zip
phone (o)
mobile (c)
email address

In summary,

. Print the Issue Paper

. Print the Bill

. Start communicating with General Assembly members immediately

. Let us know who you've talked to and their response (take notes if you have to!)

. Be prepared to respond to Action Alerts from VAC in the next two months

. Questions? Please ask us.

Thank you. We look forward to working with you on this legislation and will need your active participation.

Donna Pugh Johnson
Virginia Agribusiness Council
P. O. Box 718
Richmond, VA 23218
804/643-3555 (Office)
804/643-3556 (Fax)
804/338-2478 (Cell) 

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