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Best Management Practices for Virginia Golf Courses

Best Management Practices for Virginia Golf Courses
Project Summary

Project Overview
The Virginia Turfgrass Foundation (VTF), Virginia Tech, and the Virginia Golf Course Superintendents Association (VGCSA) in cooperation with Virginia governmental agencies and private sector partners are developing a guidance document entitled “Best Management Practices (BMPs) for Environmental Stewardship on Virginia Golf Courses”. The guidance document will provide a detailed description of BMP guidelines specifically adapted for golf courses in Virginia using the results of current research, the experience of golf course superintendents in implementing BMPs, turfgrass industry representatives, and State regulators.

Widespread adoption of BMPs by golf courses is expected to result in lower nutrient loading to waterways, decreased pesticide usage and runoff, and improved water conservation. Furthermore, the adoption of the published BMPs by Virginia golf courses will help achieve Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) goals established by the US Environmental Protection Agency. The guidance document, anticipated to be published in Sept 2011, will be made readily available in a number of formats to facilitate the adoption of BMPs by golf courses in the state.

Golf Course Best Management Practices
The BMPs developed will cover a range of topics relevant to golf courses, from design and construction through management and maintenance. Specifically, the topics to be covered in the guidance document are as follows:

• Environmental Concepts
• Environmental Monitoring
• Design and Construction
• Irrigation
• Nutrition and Fertilization
• Cultural Practices
• Lake and Aquatic Plant Management
• Turfgrass Pest Management
• Pesticide Management
• Maintenance Operations

Virginia Tech turfgrass researchers are taking the lead on reviewing the available scientific literature and research results in the state to begin the process of developing state-specific BMP guidelines. In collaboration with the BMP committee members, the researchers will develop draft BMPs and text to explain the basis for the BMPs and their implementation. Consensus agreement on the BMPs will be achieved through collaboration by all of the project participants.

Once published, VTF and VGCSA will utilize relationships with the Virginia Turfgrass Council (VTC), private industry, the scientific community and state regulators to publicize the availability of the guidance document, ensuring that the guidelines will be available to a wide audience. This approach ensures that this project and the published guidance document will have high visibility and acceptance within the golf course industry in the state.

Anticipated Schedule
Document development is currently underway. In 2011, the first half of the year will be utilized for review and revision periods. The published document is expected to be available in September of 2011.

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